MASHUP3 // Guppy House Chino Hills // DaYUUM

I found out about this show/meet from a friend the day of. I already had plans to go to another meet with some friends that night, but I ditched them to come to this meet (lol). I thought there was a really good turn out. A lot of variety within the reserved parking next to Guppy Tea House itself and also the parking lot within the plaza. I also got to meet a few people who are following my photography page on Facebook and also following me on Instagram. Before I get to the photos, I want to say that my tripod broke while I was shooting, so most of my photos were taken handheld. Some may come out blurry, noisy, or a mix of both. Let us not wait any longer. I hope you enjoy!

Starting in the parking lot…


Good looking Cressida sitting on what looks to be Crown Victoria mesh. Fairly common set up, but a very nice one.


Kammy’s, one of my followers on Instagram, 350Z. I got to meet him last night. I hope we get to do a photoshoot soon.



Also another one of my Instagram/Facebook follower’s, Djay, Accord(black) with his friend’s(Gold/beige?) parked next to him.


I’m a big fan of big bodies. LS400 sitting on some Eurolines.


You don’t see too many of these Acura TL’s running around. The only other one that comes to mind is Michael Johnson’s from San Diego.


My tripod broke right before this shot lol. For the longest time, I thought Jerald’s RSX was static. I was completely devastated when I found out it was on air lol. Still sick though.


Jerald’s RSX and Mike’s, now wrapped in black, GS350. I’ve seen this car change color three times since I’ve started my automotive photography endeavors.



E90 sitting on some LM style wheels.



FRS sitting on SSR’s.


Very nice S30. I fell in love with these because of Wangan Midnight. I know, very typical.


Two very scary MK4 Supras.


Sal’s, another follower of my social media, Toyota Celica and friend’s Corolla.

_DSC0406 _DSC0407 _DSC0483

A few Corolla’s of the night.


Two Lamborghini Diablo’s showed up.

_DSC0423 _DSC0424

More nostalgia for you. Datsun 1600 and another Toyota Corolla.

_DSC0416 _DSC0432

A couple of NSX’s showed up.

_DSC0434 _DSC0435 _DSC0496

A few guys from Coastin’ Society showed._DSC0472 _DSC0473

At far, I thought this was that G37 from CamberGang that has been circulating all through out social media lately. As I got closer, I figured it was an Infiniti M35. You don’t see a lot of these running around either.


Toyota MR2 from FittedKids.


Twerk it, Miley.


Rocket Bunny S14.


Civic from AKEBONO USDM. I really love the EG body.


Yogi’s Lexus GS430 with Vertex kit.


Going to end it with Joey’s Q45/Cima. My favorite shot of the night.