Matthew’s (@m_kstanced) Honda Civic

I always used to see Matthew’s Civic on Instagram last summer, and I absolutely loved it and wanted to shoot it, but I never really got around to asking. However, school started, and as I was walking to class I noticed Matthew’s car was parked in front of the building where my class was at! I had not realized we lived around the same area and went to the same school together. I still never got around to asking him to shoot though because I was always busy with school work, and I’m sure he was as well. But last week, we finally got around to shooting together.


We met up and rolled out to our first location.


_DSC0284 copy



I had always wanted to try shooting here seeing as it was local to me. There were some really nice houses nearby, and Matthew being an architecture major, loved the location. The street was busier than I thought it would have been, so we headed out to the second location.


_DSC0338 2

Matthew and I got to the location, but he wasn’t able to use the exact spot that I wanted to use because his car was sitting way too low. I didn’t want him to risk messing something up, so I just had him pull over to the side railing nearby.


I shot as much as  I could until there was no more lighting for me to work with. This shot as well as the one above (on the right) are my attempts at HDR.



Matthew is sitting on Megan Coilovers, with Weds Kranze 17×9.5.


Roll Call.

This is actually my first shoot/feature I have done for someone who is not a family member or a close friend of mine. Thanks Matthew for helping me out with my first feature for my Facebook/website!

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