Tom’s supercharged Toyota Camry

Tom and I apart from Camry Nation decided to do a shoot together. He drove down and we shot at the famous Tea Station underground parking lot.




The first time Tom and I met was actually in this underground parking lot a year and a half ago. I had just installed my coilovers the day before and he had a different set of wheels. Our cars have changed a lot since then. I have been through two sets of wheels and added a bunch of more riced out stickers to my car. Since the previous post of my car, I went lower in the rears by half an inch and also got an 80’s/90’s style TRD windshield banner. Tom, on the other hand, has swapped his motor to a 3MZ-FE and added a supercharger (engine bay photos later ;) )

We headed out from here and left to go grab some food. After eating, we headed out to the park nearby for some more shots.




From here on out, the photos will be of Tom’s car, as this shoot was meant for his car :P.




-5 degrees of camber in the rear!



Tom is putting out nearly 240 HP.



Custom ES300 cluster done by Sar Sathycia.