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Suraj’s Toyota Camry and Vince’s Hyundai Genesis

My friend Suraj hit me up about doing a photoshoot with his friend, Vince. We met up down in L.A. where we passed by “Broke-Chella,” supposedly where all the people who were too… Continue reading

Jon’s BMW E34

I had met Jon when I was just getting into the scene and while he was still driving a Camry. He just recently got this E34 not too long ago, and also just… Continue reading

Josh’s Honda Prelude

Got to meet up with my old friend Josh, who just recently picked up a Honda Prelude. The car is clean for its age, considering it is still being garaged.

Dixon’s Lexus ES300

Dixon’s Lexus ES300 has been one of my inspirations for my car, as they are almost the same chassis. I had seen Dixon’s car long before I started doing automotive photography and always… Continue reading

Tom’s supercharged Toyota Camry

Tom and I apart from Camry Nation decided to do a shoot together. He drove down and we shot at the famous Tea Station underground parking lot.

Matthew’s (@m_kstanced) Honda Civic

I always used to see Matthew’s Civic on Instagram last summer, and I absolutely loved it and wanted to shoot it, but I never really got around to asking. However, school started, and… Continue reading

My 1994 Toyota Camry

I decided to do a little feature on my car to display the kind of work I can do outside of meets/shows. These photos are not really edited as much as I would… Continue reading